We have multiple materials available for waterproofing, including silicone and polyurea. We can thus meet the needs of virtually any waterproofing project.

Ideal for a wide variety of residential, industrial, commercial, and maintenance environments, our polyurea technology delivers exceptional performance and characteristics. It may be applied over a variety of substrates such as metal, wood, concrete, bitumen, SPF, and geotextiles.


Our Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Insulation provides a seamless and monolithic roof/ceiling/wall system with no joints, seams or cracks, delivering an excellent moisture, heat and cold barrier. Our SPF provides superior R-value of 6.3 per inch and continuous insulation.


Our specially formulated polyurea system with high tensile strength is able to withstand the abuse of industrial equipment, steel-wheeled carts and forklifts. May also be applied over most substrates delivering a highly abrasion resistant, high-gloss, smooth finish coating system.